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Tyne Tunnels
Tyne Tunnels

Breakdown Services Charges for removal of vehicles from the tunnels.

Breakdown Services Charges for removal of vehicles from the tunnels.

01) Motorcycle (with or without side car).
Power assisted cycle or invalid carriage £5.00 (flat rate).

02) All vehicles at the rate of £28.00 per hour.
Minimum charge £14.00.

03) Additional charge on all vehicles whose stoppage is due to fuel shortage £16.00 per hour minimum charge £8.00.

Emergency and Breakdown Parking

Parking charges for vehicles and trailers which are not removed from the tunnels within 48 hours

£5.00 per day, or part day, following the above free parking period.

Before leaving a vehicle unattended at TT2 for any reason, drivers are required to report to a uniformed officer of TT2.

Charge for Non Payment of Toll

If a customer has no means of payment an invoice may be issued. There will be a charge of £3.00; to cover administration costs etc., plus the appropriate toll. (Subject to verifiable identification of owner and driver).

Additional Charges

Oil Absorbent Granules cost per bag £10.00
Use of Fire Extinguisher £20.00

Towed Vehicles

Towed vehicles will be charged separately unless entirely under the control of the towing vehicle i.e. no driver is present in the towed vehicle.

TT2 Ltd will not accept responsibility for loss whilst vehicles, trailers or their contents are parked at their site. Vehicles may be removed to a secure compound after 48 hours.