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Tyne Tunnels
Tyne Tunnels

Safe Driving in the Tyne Tunnels

What to do in the event of congestion

– Be aware of advance signage and select the correct lane.
– Switch on the radio and tune in to any available radio station, this may be used to convey safety messages.
– Turn on dipped headlights & remove sunglasses.
– Obey traffic lights, signs & tunnel officers instructions.

What to do in the event of congestion

– Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
– Do not change lanes and obey displayed speed limits.
– Do not “U” turn or reverse.
– Do not stop except in an emergency or at toll lanes.
– Keep a safe distance and be prepared to stop.
– Switch off your engine, if the traffic has come to a halt.
– Listen for messages on the radio & public address system.
– Follow the instructions given by tunnel officers or signs.

What to do in the event of a breakdown/accident

– Switch on your hazard warning lights.
– Switch off your engine.
– Leave your vehicle if your safety is at risk.
– Call for help from an emergency telephone or call point.

What to do in the event of a fire

– Drive out of the tunnel if it is safe to do so.

– Switch off the engine, leave the keys in the ignition and leave the vehicle immediately.
– Raise the alarm by use of the emergency telephone or activating the break glass call point.
– All vehicle occupants should escape via the emergency escape doors.
– Any person unable to leave their vehicle should turn on their vehicles hazard warning lights to attract attention.

Tyne Tunnel Safety Systems

TT2 has installed the latest safety systems in the tunnels which include high pressure mist system, ventilated escape galleries and evacuation systems.

Public Address (PA) & Announcements via Car Radio Break in facility

Radio information is an important safety feature. TT2 control room systems will provide emergency information via car radios and the public address system. Please pay attention to the announcements and follow any instructions given.

Traffic Surveillance

CCTV systems continually monitor the tunnels and alert staff of any stationary vehicle, pedestrian or fire inside the tunnels. This will activate an appropriate response to the situation detected.

Northbound Tunnel Car Only Lane

The original (Northbound) tunnel has been refurbished to provide the same level of safety as the new tunnel. The right hand lane has a reduced height restriction of 13’1” (4m). LGVs are prohibited from using this lane.

Ventilation System

In the event of a fire the ventilation system will provide clean air to enable customers safe evacuation. Any airborne pollution will flow in the direction of traffic allowing people behind the incident to escape in relative safety. The escape galleries have a dedicated ventilation system which will provide fresh air and prevent fumes entering the gallery through open escape gallery doors.

Fire Suppression System

The system is pressurised by high pressure pumps capable of providing instant and constant deluge over a 75 metre length of the tunnel. This will restrict vision – do not attempt to drive through the mist curtain.

The tunnels are equipped with a high pressure mist system to fight fire. This delivers high volumes of fine water mist capable of cooling, reducing and preventing the spread of fire. This system will be activated as soon as a fire is identified to prevent any escalation whilst customers evacuate to the safety of the escape gallery.

Tunnel Lighting

Lighting systems are installed to enable the human eye to adapt quickly to the tunnel lighting conditions, these are equivalent to a well lit road at night.

Emergency Points

Emergency Points are installed in both tunnels at 50m intervals. At each emergency point there is an emergency telephone, a fire alarm break glass call point and fire extinguishers.

Escape Doors

Escape Doors are provided at 100m intervals. These will provide safe access to the escape gallery in which clean air is maintained by pressurisation fans.

Escape Gallery

When entering the escape gallery there will be illuminated signs indicating the distance to the external exits in either direction.