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Tyne Tunnels
Tyne Tunnels

Tolls are payable for use of the vehicle tunnels

There are separate toll plazas for each tunnel, both of which are located on the north side of the Tyne. Vehicles travelling northbound will be asked to pay their toll after passing through the tunnel, while vehicles travelling southbound will have to pay before entering the tunnel.

Toll payments can be made with cash or with a Tyne Tunnels Pre-paid Account. The Tyne Tunnels Pre-paid Account offers a convenient, cashless payment option which also includes a 10% toll discount.

Apply online for your Tyne Tunnels Pre-paid Account.

Please note that change is not available in the toll lanes. To assist you, change machines are available on the approach to the toll plazas. For information about the toll plaza read more.

Notes and copper coins cannot be accepted at the toll lanes, and there are no direct debit or credit card facilities at the toll machines. The current charges for both cash and permit tolls are detailed below:

Vehicle toll charges

VehicleCashPre-paid Account
Disabled registered
Car, Van or Bus
less than 3m high
with 2 axles
LGV, Van or Bus
more than 3m high
or 3 axles or more

Please Note: Copper coins are not accepted or exchanged for payment of tolls. The Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnels are free to use. The price of the toll is determined from the Tyne Tunnel Byelaws and Tolls Prescription Order that have their origins in the Tyne Tunnel Act 1960.