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How to use Pre-paid Accounts

By paying in advance account holders are able to pass through the toll lanes more rapidly.

By paying in advance account holders are able to pass through the toll lanes more rapidly.

What is an account?

A Tyne Tunnels Pre-paid Account uses automatic identification systems such as ANPR or an electronic tag that is attached to your vehicle’s windscreen. You pay in advance for trips through the tunnel which frees you from the need to find cash.

Once your application for an account has been processed you will either receive a ‘tag’ to fix to your windscreen or notification that your account hass been setup with your vehicles registration number. As you approach the toll lane the toll system identifies your vehicle or tag and confirms that your account has sufficient credit, after which the barrier will be raised to allow you to pass.

How does it work?

An antenna in the toll lane reads your tag or a camera reads your vehicle registration and checks how much credit you have available on your account. If you have sufficient credit to pay for the journey, you get the green light and can continue through the tunnel.

As you are reaching the end of your available credit, then a message board alerts you to top up your account. If your account has insufficient credit, you will not be allowed through and will have to pay cash.

Can I register more than one vehicle?

Yes, if you need to use more than one vehicle these can be linked to one account.

What if I lose the tag or it is stolen?

You must tell us immediately, the stolen tag will be cancelled and a new one issued. There is a replacement charge.

If I wish to cancel will I get a refund?

Yes, once we have received your written notification of closure and tag we will send you a cheque for the remaining balance.

How to use your account

Please remember to slow down as you enter the toll lane to allow the permit antenna to read your tag or camera to read your vehicle registration. The permit antenna in use will depend on the style of tag you have been issued; black disc style tags are detected by the orange posts immediately before the lane cabinet, credit card style tags are detected by the square antenna mounted beneath the traffic light. The antennas are highlighted in the image below.

A visual warning will be triggered at the toll lane when your credit level is low, reminding you to top up your account. The barrier will not lift if you have insufficient credit in your account, and on such occasions you will be asked to pay your toll with cash.

You can check your account balance and top up your permit payments online here. Tyne Tunnel Permit Top Up