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Tyne Tunnels
Tyne Tunnels

Terms and conditions of use the TT2 Disability Exemption Accounts

1. TT2 Limited (‘TT2′) expects exempt pass holders to inform them in writing immediately if any of their particulars change or if they are no longer entitled to toll-free passage.

2. Generally a TT2 Exemption Account is valid for 12 months from the date of issue; however, where your entitlement to either nil road tax or a Blue Badge (whichever is the basis of your application) lapses within that 12 months your TT2 Exemption Account will cease to be valid.
(Vehicles which do not pay road fund licence for zero emissions do not qualify for exemption from toll).

3. Unauthorised use of the TT2 Exemption Account may result in:-

       3.1. Immediate and permanent withdrawal of this concession from the person concerned.

       3.2. The full toll in cash, cheque, credit or debit card being demanded.

       3.3. Prosecution for contravention of Bylaws and or, for attempted fraud.

       3.4. A surcharge being laid on the holder for recovery of lost toll revenue and administrative costs incurred.

4. Please note that the electronic permit remains the property of TT2 & should a replacement be required as a result of it being lost or damaged then a charge of £11.50 will be made to cover the cost of the replacement permit & administration.

Apply by post

Download and print the toll exemption application form below, complete and return with the requested documents to the following address:

TT2 Limited
Administrative Building
Tyne & Wear
NE28 0PD

If you have difficulty completing the application form as a result of your disability please contact us by telephone (0191 262 4451), by e-mail ( or in person at the address above and we will assist you with the application process.