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Website/ANPR FAQs

Website/ANPR FAQs

Website/ANPR FAQs

Q. I’m an exempt customer, how do I add my vehicle(s) to ANPR
A. Exempt customers are unable to add their vehicles to ANPR, please continue to use your exempt pass or contact the control room via the help button at the toll to display your blue badge

Q. If I have an existing web account and I want to sign up to ANPR, do I need to apply for a new account?
A. No, please sign into your existing account via the TT2 website, you can then select Add Vehicle Registration.

Q. I’m an existing customer but I don’t have an online account, how do I obtain an online account?
A. We will be shortly introducing functionality onto our TT2 website to create an online account for existing customers. In the meantime, you are able to email us. Please provide your account number and vehicle registration number

Q. Do I require an online account to register for ANPR?
A. It is preferred you request an online account for your existing permit account. This will mean you can self-serve your account, adding or removing the vehicle registration number, the system updates these changes within 15 minutes

Q. Do I still need to have my permit in the windscreen and will I be charge twice if my car is on ANPR and the permit is on display?
A. If you have added your vehicle to ANPR you do not need to have the permit in your windscreen. If you are on ANPR and have the permit in your windscreen you will not be charged twice. It may however slow down the transaction speed for the barrier opening

Q. Am I being forced to move onto ANPR?
A. We are not forcing customers to use ANPR, we would encourage customers to use the new system as it is proven to be faster and more reliable than the permit. We no longer issue permits unless you are an exempt customer, so if it is lost or damaged you would then need to use ANPR

Q. How do add my vehicle to the ANPR?
A. Please log into your existing online account, from there you will see ‘Add Vehicle Registration’. This is where you will add your vehicle details for ANPR

Q. I have added my vehicle to ANPR, do I need to do anything with my permit?
A. Please return your permit to TT2 either via the post with your account details or drop it off at reception. Our address is: TT2 Limited, Administrative Building, Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, NE28 0PD

Q. Do I still receive a reduced rate now I am on ANPR?
A. Yes you will still receive the pre-paid reduction, for pre-paid accounts this is 10% of the toll due.

Q. Do I get a notification once I’ve added my vehicle to ANPR
A. No, please click on Vehicles and Permits, it will show the vehicles you’ve added to ANPR after 15 minutes.

Q. Why do I need to re-enter my payment details?
A. We have a new function called tokenisation which can store your card details. It will speed the top up process to 3 clicks if you store the card details and default credit amount.